How to Pay Traffic Fines in Dubai

traffic fines dubai

Here at, we love nothing more than the heavy grunt of a V8 engine as it hits those 0-100s in mere seconds. The smell of burning rubber, screeching of the tyres, the engineering feats that have brought us to where we are today. All coming together under sleek shells, on big burly wheels.

One thing that does hinder our rubber burning freedoms of expression, is the law. Road safety measures really are there for the good of the nation. You’ll see in our review videos, we take great care to be on the right side of the law. Either at tracks, out in the dessert or on occasions when we’re in the city, we’re always within the law.

Traffic Fines Dubai

Unfortunately, speeding fines, parking fines, careless driving or any other number of fines can be the result of a simple mistake or lapse in concentration. Sometimes of course, they are down to reckless individuals, and that’s not fine.

If you are unfortunate enough to land foul of the law, you’ll more than likely be required to pay a fine. Dependent on the offense, this could be anywhere from AED300 to AED6000. Of course, the severity of the violation could land you with additional punishments such as a driving ban, or even jail. Unfortunately no amount of our blogs can help you with that predicament.

We can tell you how to pay those fines though.

Find the Fine

First things first, you need to find and confirm the fine. It may be the case that you’re unsure whether you actually have an outstanding fine. You can find out by visiting the RTA website: –

You will need your plate details, license number and your traffic file number. Under Inquiry and Payment of Fines you can find any fines actioned against you, your plates or your traffic file.

Paying the Fine

From here you’ll have the option to pay them. The good news is, from February 2019, fines can be paid in interest-free installments. This also works with certain 0% interest credit cards for fines over AED500 in 3, 6, 9 or 12 month increments. You can also pay the fine through the Dubai Police App, or at any of the dedicated centres for paying fines.


If you feel the fine was unjustified, you can dispute it. This can be done through the e-service, request for modifying traffic violations: –

Stay Within the Law

The easiest way to avoid fines, is to be extra vigilant on the roads. Good judgment, common sense and road signs always prevail.

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