How to Check Engine Oil, and Where to Get a Filter Changed?

How to check engine oil
Understanding you car’s innermost secrets will ultimately lead to a better relationship with each other. Secrets like, why do you cost me a fortune in fuel? And where does this oil go and why? The good news is, we’re going to help you with the latter of these questions and perhaps save you a pretty penny in maintenance somewhere down the line. Oil is like your car’s cartilage, it keeps everything running smoothly. If there were no oil, all those pieces of spinning metal that your engine is made of would simply smash themselves to pieces. We recommend checking your oil every 5,000km.

How do I Check Engine Oil?

You may have heard the term dipstick before today. Hopefully it wasn’t directed at you as an insult, but as an instrument by which you can check the condition and level of oil in your car. To locate your dipstick, pop the bonnet and have a look somewhere around the left quarter of the main block for a little yellow ring. This is your dipstick. How to check engine oil To check the oil, you need to pull the dipstick out. Always make sure the car is parked on level ground, and although you can check when its hot, advice is to check when cold to save burning your fingers. Another slice of advice is to have a piece of tissue to hand. When you take the dipstick out the first time, you’ll need to wipe it clean before reinserting it. This will then give you an accurate read of the level, but also help you assess the colour of the oil.

Colour is Key

The colour of the oil is its key indicator. What you’re hoping to see is a nice translucent amber colour. If you’re seeing black, it’s due for a change. As the oil lubricates, it endures a build up of soot and contaminates, these are lubrications enemy. How to check engine oil The level is indicated by the markings on the end of the dipstick. There is often a textured area or full and empty line, dot or other such etching in the metal. Anywhere between those marks is perfect, too low and its time for a top-up. It’s worth noting at this point, overfilling the car with oil can also cause serious damage. If it’s over the top line, you might be best getting in touch with a garage unless you have a jack, some axel stands, a sound knowledge of where the sump plug is located and a bucket. If your oil needs changing, its best to have the filter done at the same time. At this point, unless you have the afore mentioned tools and knowledge, plus and oil filter wrench, get it to the garage.

Where Do I Take it?

An oil and filter change is a pretty simple job for a mechanic. We’re talking a 30-minute job. Usually, even the most modest tyre service garage will have options to change oil and filters. Its basic maintenance, and a common thing to replace. Any of the Gas Stations across Dubai should suffice. They’re one of Dubai’s longest standing auto-repair garages so you’ll be in safe hands. Alternately, pick a garage, book it in. There are hundreds to choose from, and a quick oil and filter change shouldn’t be beyond any of their capabilities. While you are at in, read some more driving essentials that could help you in the longer run.
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