Car window tinting in the UAE: Benefits, Rules and Best Practices

Since 2017, you are allowed to tint up to 50% darkness

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Car window tinting is an essential modification to vehicles that a new UAE Federal Traffic law update in 2017 has increased the legal limit for window tinting up to 50% (with the exception of the front windscreen). Window tinting is essential if you want to keep the interior of your car cool in the scorching desert sun. And now with the extra tint allowance, you’ll enjoy a bit more privacy too, all within the confines of the law. So if your car needs window tinting or if you need to get new window tinting done, be mindful of product quality. Poor quality tint film can be hazardous to health and safety and you run the risk of having to get your car re-tinted – this is a cost no one needs! Here’s the lowdown on window tinting in the UAE:

What is Window Tint Film made from?

Window tint film is made out of thin layers of polyester used to block UV light, heat, and solar glare.

What does % numbers mean on window tint film?

Percentage numbers refer to the amount of light that is allowed through the film; if the % is higher, the film will be darker and allow less light in.

What is the legal window tint % permitted in UAE law?

The maximum % darkness of the film allowed is 50%. This was increased from 30% to 50% in middle of 2017 under the new federal traffic law.

Who is not allowed to tint car windows?

Only Taxis and Cargo Trucks are not allowed to tint windows.

How long does the tint remain effective?

Depending on quality, most window films come with a hard scratch-resistant coating that protects it from everyday use. However, that doesn’t mean window film last forever and it is recommended to replace it once every 5 years.

Does car window tint block harmful UV rays?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are dangerous to people as well as car interiors. Extended hours of the sun shining through the window may result in sunburns, premature wrinkles and carries a skin cancer risk. Strong sunshine also damages car interior and deteriorates dashboards. Most high quality window films block up to 95% of UV rays.

How long does window tint installation take?

Car window tint installation typically ranges from 1 to 4 hours if there is no previous film to be removed.

What precautions are need on a fresh window tint?

Experts recommend that you leave the windows rolled up for at least 24 hours after installation to exclude the risk of the film peeling off. At, we highly recommend window tinting for your vehicle and with the increased allowance, you’ve got even more incentive to get your car tinted in UAE.  
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