Buying vs Leasing a Car – Pros and Cons

Buying vs Leasing a car in UAE

Buying vs Leasing a car has been an age old question but with the current economic climate and uncertainty around employment, it is becoming more and more debated. Investing in a new car always costs a good amount of money, and what people mainly look for is comfort, safety, & reliability.

In order to make things simple, we are just listing the Pros and Cons of both.



  • No Downpayment
  • Under Warranty, No-Cost of Maintenance
  • No Insurance Fees or RTA vehicle renewal costs
  • No hassle to sell car when the contract expires.


  • High Monthly Payment
  • Mileage Constraint (ok if you don’t drive more than 10/12k a year)
  • Must keep vehicle in good condition



  • Sense of ownership, the car is yours.
  • No Mileage Constraint (You can drive as much as you want)
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Use & Abuse (if you so please)
  • Resale Value


  • Downpayment
  • Insurance and maintenance on you
  • Annual RTA vehicle tests and renewal fees.
  • Maybe trouble selling when you want to upgrade or don’t need it.

Whenever you are considering buying vs leasing a car, take into account your current financial condition, your monthly mileage and the purpose of the vehicle. If your stay in the UAE is only going to be one or two years and you don’t drive much, then leasing the car make more sense. Otherwise owning the car seems to be a wiser choice.

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