A Sneak Peek at the Toyota Land Cruiser J300

Land Cruiser J300

Standing as Toyota’s longest running model and the second longest running SUV, the Land Cruiser needs little introduction. In Australia, it’s the best-selling body-on-frame 4×4 vehicle with its production now spanning seven decades.

The current model, and ever-popular J200 sold well over ten-million units in ten years of production. Famed for its off-road ability, the Land Cruiser has both bark and bite, in abundance.

So, you’re probably wondering why we’ve gathered you all here today. There have been several major leaks in Toyota’s new vehicle department. So many, there’s an Instagram (add this link ) account dedicated to revealing all, and what we’re looking at, is a J300.

Land Cruiser J300

Falling purely upon educated speculation, leaked photos and some insider knowledge, what we can reveal is a burly SUV that seems to have stayed true to the original form. Big and boxy, but basic. Sticking to what they know is Toyota’s game, because they usually get it right the first time. The Land Cruiser is absolute proof of this.

What we can tell from the masses of images now in circulation, is that the front and rear have been redesigned with a more modern look. The lights, both front and rear sit flush with their surroundings. The grill has been on steroids and the wheel arches have been gifted a touch more definition.

The interior is where we’re really finding the big changes with a large digital display lodged between analogue dials. Angled towards the driver we suspect this will be Toyotas infotainment screen. Below, you’ll be pleased to know, are all the usual drive motor selectors, four high and four low, meaning it won’t be dropping any off-road capability.

The whispers we’re hearing about what’s under the bonnet are 3.5Liter V6, producing 420bhp. That’s more power than the previous 5.7liter which produced just 381bhp. Another rumor doing the rounds is that here in the Middle East, there will be a 3.3liter V6 and a top-spec V8. All yet to be confirmed.

It seems that Lexus will be following suit and releasing their 300 based LX which will make it stateside, unlike the J300. As always, we’ll strive to bring you more information as it rolls in.

The J300 is expected for release this summer so it should not be long before you can lay your own eyes upon her.

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