7 of the best sedans to watch out for in 2021

The sedan is one of the most popular choices of vehicle across the board for many. Their practicality, efficiency and size make them the perfect daily drive. Every year the question arises as to whether the sedan has run its course, and will they be as popular this time next year. Every year, they are. As 2021 will be no exception from any other year of the last sixty, we thought we’d give you lucky people a run down of our top seven best 2021 sedans to watch out for.

Hyundai Azera  

Hyundai Azera Sitting neatly between the Sonata and the Genesis, Hyundai’s Azera has a new look for 2021 bringing it inline with the rest of their range. With a 3.5l engine, keyless entry, smart start and an optional panoramic roof the Azera has a real edge of class this year and is definitely one to watch.

Toyota Corolla 

Internationally available also as a four-door hatchback, the Corolla’s sedan model is a tasty little hybrid, with optional trims to take it beyond what you’d expect. The Apex Edition comes with a specially tuned chassis, manual transmission and a woosh when you put your foot down.

BMW 330i

BMW 330i 2019 The 330i comes with just about all you need to call it luxury. The sporty handling and grunt that you’d expect from BMW are all still there. With up to 382bhp in the M model, the turbo-charged four cylinder engine has a lot of potential. Also available in BMW’s xDrive hybrid, you can stay eco friendly if you choose.

Mercedes C Class

It feels like Mercedes have been churning out the same looking C class for about the last 7 years. 2021 will be no different. Accounting for 20% of Mercedes sales worldwide, I suppose you have to ask, “why fix it if it’s not broken?” Offering the ultimate in passenger comfort it’s still guaranteed to hold on to that percentage.

Cadillac CT4

309bhp, 2.7 litre, lower bodykit, Bembo brakes. The CT4 makes up in performance for what it lacks in luxury when compared to its German cousins. With super-cruise, Cadillacs semi-autonomous driving mode as standard, it does present a little step towards ‘what’s to come’. 

VW Passat 

Packing everything a driver needs into a vehicle and still remaining affordable for most, is a language the Passat speaks. Every model is packed with driver aides, infotainment, comfort and a smooth finish. The upper trims are definitely an apple in the eye of Volkswagens architects so whilst performance may not be high up that list, you wouldn’t know it to look at it.

Audi A4

A few variations in design pulled a sidewards glance even from our more astute Audi fanboys in 2020. Sticking with the same shape and design this year the new A4 is available, as it also was last year in 2 and 4liter models. “So what’s new?” Quattro AWD across the board should be enough to tickle your fancy. Bringing launch speeds down, handling stats up and driver comfort to an all-time high, this hog of the road will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand firmly to attention whether you’re in the drivers seat or watching it pass by.
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