Jatinder Gakhal: Role of zero-emission vehicles in helping the environment

zero-emission vehicles
Earlier this week, we caught up with Jatinder Gakhal on his opinions on electric vehicles and how zero-emission vehicles are the present and not only our future.Jatinder is the Media Strategist and the Head of Marketing of The Elite Cars and is extremely passionate about new car technologies.

Do zero-emission cars actually help the environment?

There are several benefits that zero-emission vehicles bring to the environment, the primary factor is the contribution they can make to improving air quality in cities. Pure electric automobiles create no carbon dioxide emissions when driving due to an all-electric powertrain. This significantly minimizes air pollution in metropolises and small towns as a whole.

EVs are also better when total particle emissions are counted including non-exhaust particle pollution (such as from brakes and tyres). To limit particle pollution from tyres, electric cars are mostly fitted with special tyres designed to cope with the specific needs, including the heavier weight, of EVs to ensure that they do not wear out too quickly. Overall, transition to zero-emission vehicles will greatly help reducing air pollution making our planet a greener place to live.

Due to the large number of positive impacts that electric and hybrid vehicles make on the environment, the world`s largest automakers, such as BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Land Rover including others have already started producing hybrid or all-electric vehicles and are committed to switch to producing electrically powered vehicles within 10-15 years.

Moreover, there is already a market specifically for all-electric cars, covering daily commuters through high performance vehicles, manufactured by the likes of Tesla, Rimac and Apex, who are accelerating the world`s transition to zero-emission cars.

What are the most popular zero-emission vehicles at the Elite Cars?

Jatinder Gakhal

Here at The Elite Cars, we are known for being UAE`s premium automotive dealership with the largest and most exclusive range of luxury cars from the world`s most prestigious brands. However, because of this new demand and rise in greener and eco-friendly vehicles, we have also started introducing plug-in hybrid and EVs, such as Ferrari`s new model line-up, Tesla models and other hybrid/all-electric models from the largest German auto manufacturers.

We are committed to continue expanding our range of stock with the latest EV & Hybrid models to keep up with this ever-increasing demand.

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