Apple is close to launching its own Electric Car

The long rumored Apple Car is finally coming to shape


It has been long speculated that Apple is working on its own Electric Car by the code name Project Titan. Over the years the rumors had died down a bit specially when Apple shifted over 200 workers from the project Titan to other departments.

However, a recent development may be an indication that Apple is still committed to the project and plans to bring a complete electric vehicle to the market.

Apple has hired Michael Schwekutsch, who is the former Vice President of the electric powertrains at Tesla and has exclusively worked on electric powertrains for the last decade. Schwekutsch is now the Senior Director of Engineering at Apple in its Special Project Group with oversees the development of Project Titan.

The Apple Car is expected to launch between 2023 – 2025 and will have deep integration with iOS, autonomous driving features, and will be another Apple’s star product.


  • Performance - /10
  • Driving Pleasure - /10
  • Look and Style - /10
  • Fuel Economy - /10
  • Value for Money - /10