How to Tune Your Car !

Tune your car
Haven’t most of you consider how to tune your car? When it comes to tuning your car, there are a few general modifications that you can make even as a novice. You can boost your horsepower, gain some growl when it goes and keep it stuck to the road round the corners. We’re going to take a look at five simple modifications you can make that’ll boost your overall performance, making your ride safer, faster, more economic and turn a few more heads.


Your car is connected to the road by your treads and a good set of tyres will not only improve your handling, but also your launch. Maintaining a good grip is paramount to transferring any torque under the hood, to the road. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your tyres road legal, that grip is keeping you pinned to the road.

ECU Remap

Your cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) controls the fuel/air ratio that the engine burns. As a rule of thumb, they’re usually set well below the engine’s actual capability. Get your road hog booked in for a remapping and you can easily squeeze a few more horses out and see an improved fuel economy.

Air Filter and Exhaust Upgrade

One of the first upgrades most boy racers will make is an exhaust. There’s little need to have a 5” pipe at the back, if there’s no more coming in the front end though. Before looking at a race pipe for the rear, a cold air intake up font is strongly advised. Allowing your car to breath more freely will help the combustion occurring in the block. Add that to a straight exhaust or racing pipe at the rear and you can expect increases of between 5 and 50bhp, increased fuel economy and a drop of several octaves on the growl.

Spark Plugs

If you hadn’t already noticed, combustion is the key to more power and better fuel economy. A better standard of spark plug is a great way to increase your beast. Grab yourself some upgraded plugs and swap them in. Better plugs – better spark – better combustion. A better-quality plug will far outlast the stock. Part warn plugs decrease performance, so this simple upgrade will see a higher resistance to the wear endured in the piston chamber.


As well as appeasing the aesthetics of your whip, an upgraded set of wheels can do wonders for the handling. Bigger is not always better, you don’t want to mess up the ride. A bit of research into wheel sizes is 100% advisable, check the forums to see what other owners of your car are saying. Lighter alloy race wheels work wonders for absorbing brake heat as well as reducing overall weight. There are of course 1001 other modifications and adjustments to be made to your vehicle to get what you want out of it. Just remember to stay safe on the roads. Perhaps send us some snaps of your mods or let us know of any tips and tricks you’ve come across with your whip. If you’d like to get a professional opinion on your car, we’d recommend checking out some of our trusted partners. If you found this useful, you may also want to check our guide to car window tinting in UAE.
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