Nissan Patrol Nismo: Why does the UAE love it so much?

Nissan Patrol Nismo
You know what we like? We like when cars get to make their first appearance right here in the UAE. It should happen more often, petrol is our life blood, in many ways. Anyway, one such car that made its impact on the world right here, is the Nissan Patrol Nismo. Nismo, just in case you didn’t know, is Nissan‘s in-house motorsport tuning department. They’ve been responsible for Nissan’s performance in many of the worlds motor sport events. But also for bringing us untamed beasts such as the 370Z, GT-R and more recently the Juke Nismo, which created some of the fastest hairdressers in the world.

What’s that Sitting under the Hood?

Is it a monster? Yes it’s a monster! The patrol comes with a tweaked, 5.6-liter V8 engine. Producing 428bhp and 560Nm of torque, its quite a capable machine both on and off road. The all-wheel drive can hit 0-100kmph in 6.5 seconds through its 7-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Control, and hits a top-speed of 210kmph.

Can it Handle?

Combine the Nismo-tuned steering, zero-lift aerodynamics of the body kit and the Bilstein shock absorbers, and you’ve got one hell of a ride even off road. Adaptive cruise control, automatic AC, cornering lights and a few fancy driver aides all go towards making this a pleasurable drive.

Trimstant Satisfaction

Inside, no corners were cut. The Nismo range always have a plush Nismo interior, and the Patrol is no exception. White leather Nismo embroidered seats with a highly polished, black centre console outlined with chrome make for a fantastic contrast. Nissan Patrol Nismo 2019 Adjustable steering wheel and seat positions again just adding to the comfort of the ride. Just one touch screen console in the centre, keeping it understated and traditional in 2021.

Subtle Stylings

On the exterior, you’ll find 22” Rays, plenty of chrome trim and an over-styled body kit. With a large, Nismo badged grill, splitter all the way around, it looks slightly more beefier than your standard Patrol, or even the prestige ‘Gold’ edition. The difference, we think remains subtle, but enough to make you question what your eyes are seeing. This all gives it a better, sportier looking stance, which I suppose you’d expect in a motorsport tuned edition. Nissan Patrol Nismo 2019 Overall, what we’re dealing with is a car designed for the Arabs. Exclusive to the region, the Nismo Partol should be embraced. It’s big, it’s burly and it’s got brawn. This car feels just as at home in here in Dubai, as it does out in the desert.
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