Ford Ranger Wildtrak: Built from scratch, tested to extremes

Ford Ranger Wildtrak
Ford’s development engineers globally conduct rigorous testing on the Next-Gen Ford Ranger Wildtrak to ensure its toughness and durability, as they aim to deliver a high-quality pick-up that can meet global demands.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has been built from scratch to be the strongest, most versatile, and capable model ever created, perfectly suited for an active lifestyle among the Middle East’s fearless experts. The vehicle is undergoing extensive physical and virtual testing to ensure its endurance and capability beyond what was previously tested.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

The Next-Gen Ford Ranger is undergoing comprehensive testing on some of the most challenging terrains globally to not only ensure its readiness for customers but also to meet Ford’s rigorous world-class quality, reliability, and durability standards.
Ford Ranger Wildtrak
To date, the Ranger has undergone 10,000 km of desert driving, equivalent to 1,250,000 km of customer driving, and 625,000 km of rigorous off-road testing at maximum load capacity, with testing still ongoing worldwide. Before the first prototypes were tested on the road, Ford’s engineers carried out thousands of hours of computer and real-world simulations in labs, covering areas such as aerodynamics and component and structure durability.

Since Ranger customers expect exceptional performance, these tests replicate various real-world scenarios that customers might subject their pickups to, taking place at Ford facilities worldwide to meet the needs of global customers, including the Middle East.

Some of the tests are too strenuous for humans to endure, so computer simulations and robotics replace human testers in situations like the extreme “squeak and rattle” rig, where the pickup’s suspension and entire body undergo punishing test cycles repeated 24/7.
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