Ferrari 296 GTB: Popular, Powerful, Peak Performance

Ferrari 296 GTB
AlTayer Motors Ferrari were super kind and sent us their most popular vehicle in recent times, the Ferrari 296 GTB. The 296 GTB redefines the whole concept of fun behind the wheel, guaranteeing pure emotions not just when pushing the car to its limits, but also in day-to-day driving situations. Head turner, with a timeless exterior style, the 296 GTB is a highly sought after luxury vehicle.

Ferrari 296 GTB specs:

Engine: 2,992 cc (3.0 L) twin-turbo 120° V6
Horsepower: 654 hp at 8,000 rpm + 165 electric motor = 818 horsepower
Transmission: Dual Clutch 8 speed

Why is the Ferrari 296 GTB so popular?

History: The Ferrari 296 GTB is the first Ferrari with a 6-cylinder engine installed on a road car sporting the Prancing Horse badge. This change revolutionized sports car design and cemented Ferrari’s position as a leading innovator in the automotive industry.

Design: The Ferrari 296 GTB features a sleek, aerodynamic body design that was ahead of its time and remains timelessly stylish today. The Pininfarina-designed body was seen as a masterpiece and helped cement Ferrari’s reputation for producing some of the most beautiful sports cars in the world.
Ferrari 296 GTB

Performance: The 296 GTB is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine that produced around 818 horsepower (when combined with the electric motor), making it one of the fastest and most powerful sports cars of its time. This, combined with its exceptional handling and roadholding, made it a popular choice among sports car enthusiasts.
Ferrari 296 GTB

Rarity: The 296 GTB is produced in limited numbers, which has added to its prestige and desirability among collectors and enthusiasts.

These factors have helped to cement the Ferrari 296 GTB’s place in automotive history and make it a highly sought-after luxury sports car.
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