A look at the new $28m Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

You won’t find much more luxury, than a Rolls-Royce. These iconic fetes of fancy are hand built, usually to order and sit as a status symbol for the super-rich. If you have the money, the firm will literally design a car for you, no expense spared.

The detail that the engineers at Rolls-Royce deliver, really is second to none. The walnut used in the dash is meticulously inspected for anything considered less than perfect. The carpets most likely cost more than the ones in your house, the leather seats, fit for royalty. These are just some of the reasons the new Rolls Royce Boat Tail costs a whopping $28 million.

rolls-royce boat tail

This four-seater, 19-foot, yacht inspired wonder was made by the firm’s Coachbuild Division. All the usual hallmarks can be found, from the sheer size to the exceptional interior, to the winged lady flying up front. It features a removable canopy roof, with a tonneau roof in the boot for emergencies. An instrument panel with a guilloche finish, wooden trim galore, two swizz-made Bovet time pieces, a cabin floor that resembles a ship’s hull, and we’ve not even got to the interesting bit.

rolls-royce boat tail

At the back end, the aft deck takes its looks straight from the pinstripe decks of a classic wooden yacht. Using a specially adapted wood veneer usually reserved for interiors, they’ve engineered it to fit the exterior perfectly. At the press of a button the deck opens up like a butterfly to reveal the hosting suite.

rolls-royce boat tail

This features a champagne fridge, a parasol, cutlery, plates, cocktail tables and fold away cloth stools. There really is nothing more quintessentially British, than a posh picnic, pinstripes and a parasol. This car oozes class, from its design to the finish, it probably isn’t that difficult for Rolls Royce to justify the price tag.

Under the bonnet a monster lurks. With an output of 565bhp, the 6.7liter V12 twin-turbo is straight out of the Phantom. If there’s one thing you can be certain of, it’s that this engine will be bullet proof. Famously, Rolls Royce built the engines for the RAF’s Spitfire planes, some of which you can still see in the skies today.

With three clients involved with the design and production, it’s unlikely you’ll catch one in the flesh anytime soon, as only three have been made. The price tag of $28 million, makes it the most expensive car in the world.

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