5 Simple Reasons to buy the new Land Rover Defender


The Land Rover Defender has arrived as a breath of fresh air for adventure lovers in the UAE, who want something more exclusive than a Jeep but can’t really afford the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen.

The 2020 Defender, which is the most capable Land Rover yet, retains the iconic design cues making it an instantly recognizable as having a lineage derived from the classic Land Rovers.

Here are the 5 simple reasons you should consider buying the Land Rover Defender.

1. Amazing Off-Roader


All versions of the new Defender come with all-wheel-drive as standard which means power is sent to all four wheels for optimal traction and locking differentials. It also has a mix bag of advanced electronic systems that optimise the vehicles for a range of terrains including Sand and Gravel. There’s also adaptive damping which smooths out the ride in real time.

2. Fuel Efficient Engine

That’s right, the new Land Rover Defender is fuel efficient and is now available with a 4-cylinder. Equipped with a turbo or a mild hybrid system, the 2-litre four-cylinder motor cranks out 296 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

The alternative six-cylinder motor pushes out 395 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque with a displacement of three litres. It is still fuel efficient when compared to other vehicles in its class.

3.Luxurious Cabin

New land rover defender

Older versions weren’t known for their interior options and the look and feel was always utilitarian. But that’s all changed with the new Defender. The rugged features are still there with grab handles, hard plastics and exposed screws but at the same time, the cabin is flushed with luxurious features.

Leather seats are now on the list as are cooled seats with memory features plus much more.

4. Modern Infotainment System

Land Rover Defender Infotainment

Not only is the exterior a big step up, the infotainment system has gotten an upgrade as well. While there is no dual screen setup up like other Land Rover models, the new Land Rover Defender gets a sizable touchscreen unit with the latest tech. It is smooth, crisp and vibrant plus it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities.

You also get navigation and 4G capabilities, making it impossible to lose your way.

5. Affordable Price

In the UAE, prices start at AED 233,000 for the Defender 110 P300 which when you look at it isn’t bad for what you get. Prices do get higher obviously with the most expensive model being the P400 X with a max price tag of AED 360,000.

Land Rover Defender Ratings
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Driving Pleasure - 8.2/10
  • Looks and Style - 8/10
  • Fuel Economy - 7.1/10
  • Value for Money - 8.8/10


Defender is ideal for people who need something rugged, durable and have a taste for adventure. This vehicle is not designed for people who mostly drive in the city and hardly go off-roading. You need to be sure why you want the Defender.


  • Iconic Brand
  • Luxury Cabin
  • Value for Money


  • Slightly Underpowered
  • Expensive to Customize
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