2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari: Y61 VTC 4800

2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari
If you are in-market to buy a purpose built off-roader, look no further than the Nissan Patrol Super Safari. With its impressive styling and richly appointed interior, the Nissan Patrol will transcend your expectations of a 4WD vehicle. Its formidable all-terrain prowess is underscored by superior engineering, letting you escape the ordinary and explore new possibilities.

We had the Nissan Patrol Super Safari for a week and surely we tested this vehicle in the toughest of UAE’s terrains. From the mountains of Fujairah to the deepest of Dubai’s deserts, this vehicle proved its metal and passed in flying colors.

This is a driver’s car and the only thing that might pinch you at the end of the satisfying off-roading trip is the fuel costs. This capable SUV is not entirely to blame, fuel costs this year have been on the higher side anyway. We calculated a fuel economy of 17 liters per 100 liters while off-roading and 12 liters per 100 kilometers while inside the city.

2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari Specs

Engine: 4.8 Liter – 6 Cylinders in-line
Horsepower: 280 Bhp
Torque: 460 Nm
Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive
Transmission: Manual / Automatic – 5 Speed

2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari Exterior

Nissan Patrol Super Safari’s Exterior is the real deal. You can distinguish this superb vehicle from far away. It has a retro style and a classic signature that commands utmost respect in this city.

Nissan Patrol Super Safari

It has dual tone body color, Super Safari body strip, 17 inch machine-cut alloy wheels, rear spoiler and classic styled over fenders.

Since most Nissan Patrol Super Safari owners would be frequenting the desert, the vehicle is equipped with a pintle hook for towing disabled vehicles and an electric-powered winch, integrated with the front bumper, useful for emergencies.

2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari Interior

On the inside, the Nissan Patrol Super Safari is part retro and part modern. We have a leather and Blackwood print finish steering, tan cloth seats and door trim with chrome inside door handles.
2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari
The infotainment system is pretty basic but is functional and offers a navigation system, AM/FM radio, AUX, CD, USB and Bluetooth audio. You also get all sides parking sensors and a rear camera. The camera resolution is pretty basic but its always better to have a camera feature.

From a safety point of view, you get Dual front air bags, cruise control and keyless entry system.
Nissan Patrol Super Safari
The driver display is basic, clean and retro styled. The speedometer, RPM and fuel gauges all have the classic back and red needles.

Nissan Patrol Super Safari
You can’t ask much of a passenger comfort in a super capable SUV that is build for UAE’s roughest terrains. The seats inside the Patrol Super Safari are fairly comfortable and the cabin also sports a sun roof. The sunroof allows light and fresh air to enter your vehicle, which makes every drive refreshing. The rear passengers have to get used to the massive body roll experience while taking a turn on slightly faster speeds.

Super Safari
2022 Nissan Patrol Super Safari Ratings
  • Performance - 9.3/10
  • Driving Pleasure - 9/10
  • Looks and Style - 9.1/10
  • Fuel Economy - 4.1/10
  • Value for Money - 9.5/10


Nissan Patrol Super Safari is the real deal. Purposely built for the desert, this vehicle is set to give you a super safari experience in all off-roading situations. The build quality of this vehicle is of the highest quality and most definitely it will last you a life time.


  • Perfect Off-Roader
  • Strong Engine
  • Good Ground Clearance
  • Retro Styling
  • Cons

  • Basic Infotainment
  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • Body Roll
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