2020 Kia Picanto: Review, Specs and Price in UAE

Kia Picanto 2020
The 2020 Kia Picanto is a third-generation small-size vehicle that is still standing strong. This vehicle is a compact city car that runs on petrol, whereas most of its former rivals have either gone electric or been removed from sale altogether. Even though there isn’t much profit for manufacturers to build a cheap petrol car, the Kia Picanto does an outstanding job in sustaining among its competitors. This vehicle meets the primary demand, fuel-efficient, and light-weighted. If you are looking for a city car, then this would be a compelling value proposition. KIA PicantoThe Kia Picanto has three trim levels as follows: LX Basic LX Standard EX Premium Kia’s cheapest model “basic” comes with five doors standard options with most of its features manual. The Premium trims include upgrades to electric folding mirrors, powered sunroof, chrome finish, and much more. Kia Picanto 2020 Cruising through the city with the Picanto is a beautiful feeling; it is agile on bends than accelerations. Due to its shorter wheelbase, it does an excellent job on the responsiveness and the handling at tighter turns. Moreover, this also helps to park the car in tight spots. The vehicle is small and has a good grip on the road. KIA Picanto The cabin atmosphere while driving this vehicle at low speeds is smooth and quiet. However, since it has a small engine, it emits a loud noise on highways. At high revs, the pedal and steering wheel vibrate. As compared to the previous generations, Kia Picanto has had made several improvements, but it still doesn’t quite rival the other brand when it comes to technology. Driving over uneven terrain can be felt easily due to stiff suspensions. Furthermore, the chassis reacts abruptly, resulting in lacking body control.


Engine: 1.2 Liter – 4 Cylinders Single-Scroll Turbo Horsepower: 84 Bhp Torque: 124 Nm Drive System: All Wheel Drive Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) This 1.25-liter four-cylinder engine powers through at 84 bhp, this vehicle does a great job. Having a small engine does require a little effort. All the trims are automatic and have the same engine.


The shape of the vehicle is like a droplet and has a dynamic appearance. Within its first impression, it is a small and compact car that can get you places. The entry-level trim includes a 14″ alloys wheels including ABS, fog lamps, high mounted stop lamp, and much more. However, the more upper trim includes electrically adjustable mirrors, electric windows, daytime led lights, button start & smart key system, and a rearview camera. Additionally, the wheels can be upgraded to a 15″ alloy as well.


Kia Picanto 2020 The interior of the Kia Picanto is functional and robust; the materials used within the vehicle is a hard plastic rather than soft and tactile. The steering wheel is covered with soft rubber that makes it comfortable while driving and cushions any vibration. The height of the steering cannot be adjusted, but somehow its driving position still works. Although you do have the option to tilt the steering wheel at your comfort level. The upper trim includes audio remote control on the steering to control and adjust the volume of the music. Also, a voice recognition feature that helps you make calls without losing focus on the road. Superior quality leather is used to the wrapped steering wheel to give an excellent finish. The speedometer is a monologed display that provides clear visuals on the speed, RPM, engine lights, and other essential notifications about the vehicle. Meanwhile, the dashboard layout is simple to understand, and the buttons are big and well placed. All controls are within the drivers reach. The infotainment system is equipped with essential functions such as radio, USB input, and setup menu. It includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions, so most will be able to connect their smartphone fully. The higher trim consists of a 7″ inch rearview camera on audio screen with parking sensors. The driver’s seat is comfortable and supportive, with enough side bolstering to stop you sliding around in corners. The front passenger seats and height can be adjusted through manual levers on the side. It’s easy to get a comfortable environment. An upgraded trim replaces the soft fabric used on the seats with leather. Also, a powered sunroof is added within the car. The rear-seat passengers have sufficient room for three adult people to sit comfortably. The roof is high enough for an average person, and it could get crammed for a tall person. The Kia Picanto has an ample boot space 265 liters, with the rear seats configured at a 60/40 angle that can be dropped. Once dropped, this space can be expanded to 1,010 liters. The cargo is accessible via a wide opening. The area is large enough to hold two medium-sized luggage bags.

Additional Feature:

Advanced Driving Assistance emergency braking Six airbags

The Kia Picanto is priced in UAE as follows:

LX Basic is AED 39900 LX Standard is AED 42900 EX Premium is AED 49900 To know more about the Kia Picanto in UAE, please contact the Kia Showroom Airport Road visit the Kia Dubai website.
2020 Kia Picanto Review Rating
  • Performance - 6.3/10
  • Driving Pleasure - 5.9/10
  • Look and Style - 5.9/10
  • Fuel Economy - 8.2/10
  • Value for Money - 8.4/10


Kia Picanto is a great all-rounder city car equipped with all the essential features for the price you pay.


  • Cheap
  • Fuel-efficient


  • Basic Interiors
  • High-speed vibrations
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7.56/10 (21 votes)
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