2020 BMW m850i: Review, Specs and Price in UAE

For someone who reviews over fifty different cars in a year, the BMW m850i convertible has impressed me big time. It has bad boy looks, powerful engine, a stylish soft top, premium touring interior and a loaded infotainment system. Very well-balanced and aerodynamically designed, the m850i encourages you to drive fast when you step on the throttle. The ride is very smooth and while the steering wheel receives a race-car feedback from the tyres and the suspension, you never feel bumpy nor rough. The BMW m850i is a big car but it handles surprisingly agile for its size. Equipped with BMW xDrive, you get a full-time all-wheel drive system. Even with the top down and the Sport+ drive mode activated, you get excellent & stiff handling. If you really want to test its character, throw it into a sharp bend at high speed on a lower gear. You’ll notice the car hugging the road while it dominates the turn. Convertible roof takes a lazy 15 seconds to fold or unfold but it is a treat to watch. There is minimal road and wind disturbance when you roll up both set of windows and put up the rear wind deflector. Acceleration on the BMW m850i is very quick with a 0 – 100 km per hour score of only 3.9 seconds. It takes off like a jet plane, gear shifts happen with minimal jerks and the moment you lift your foot off the gas, the exhaust makes heart-melting rumbling, cracking sounds. “Wonderful” would be an understatement if I were to describe how the BMW m850i sounds like. If I had to mention a marginally better car to drive than the m850i in its class, it would have to be the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG.

BMW m850i Specs:

Engine: 4.4 Liter – 8 Cylinder Turbocharged Horsepower: 523 Bhp Torque: 750 Nm Drive System: All Wheel Drive Transmission:  8 Speed Automatic


The m850i is glamorous head-turner, has throwback styling and is perfect to drive with the top down at sunset.
If you’d like to really get the joys of open-top driving, I’d say hit the Jumeirah Beach Road.
The m850i has a bigger and technologically advanced front grille with active shutters. These shutters are closed off mostly for obvious drag reasons and open up when the engine gets overworked at low speeds over time.
The BMW m850i’s large hood is sculpted and angular.
The body contains carbon fibre as well as aluminum and steel to balance the extra weight added by the convertible roof motor.


The m850i’s interior is a really special place. It is luxurious, comfortable and practical at the same time. m850i 2020 interior The center console houses the gear knob, infotainment dial, engine start / stop button, drive mode selection and the roof folding buttons among other essentials.
Swarovski m850i
The gear knob and the infotainment dial are covered with Swarovski crystals.
While there are 4 seats in the car, fitting even an average height person in the rear would be difficult. The m850i is however ideal for two people, even for a longer drive plus there is ample storage space in the trunk.

2020 BMW m850i price in UAE: AED 510,000

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