2019 Toyota Fortuner VXR: Review, Specs and Price in UAE

Toyota Fortuner VXR 2019
A stylish SUV that looks tough at the same time? We are talking about the 2019 Toyota Fortuner VXR, whose bold design embodies functional beauty. Toyota have successfully blended advanced ergonomics, intuitive operation and refined features to provide a truly engaging driving experience in the 2019 Fortuner. The engine feels powerful and the car accelerates well on and off the road. If you treat this SUV as a race car; you are bound to get disappointed because the upward gear shifts at times feel executed too soon. You don’t hear a lot of road noise in the car which is great for a 4.0 Liter 6 cylinder engine with 18 inch wheels. The steering wheel feels a bit heavy at city speeds but as you go faster, it becomes nicely responsive. Toyota Fortuner’s suspension is strong and gives out hints that it has probably been taken straight out of the Toyota HiLux.


Engine: 4.0 Liter 6 cylinders Horsepower: 235 Bhp Torque: 376 Nm Drive System: All Wheel Drive Transmission:  6 Speed Automatic Seating Capacity: 7 seater


At first glance, it is instantly clear that the Fortuner belongs in the city as much it does off road. The exterior is sleek yet tough. Toyota Fortuner VXR 2019 18 inch alloy wheels and a chrome grille connecting bold headlamps add character to the already confident personality of the Toyota Fortuner.


Toyota Fortuner being a 7 seater, offers a more affordable alternative to the Toyota Prado but isn’t as spacious. Tan leather interior and a leather & wood trimmed steering wheel add a touch of refinement and luxury to this strong SUV. There is a Push Start button and then the Paddle Shifts adding value to the car’s interior. Front seat are electrically powered, ventilated and spacious. The second row seating is just about comfortable with decent leg and headroom. The third row seating is tight and best suitable for children or smaller adults. Toyota Fortuner VXR seating Seating 7 people in the car however, almost completely eliminates the storage space in the trunk. Thankfully, there is dual zone air conditioning for all three rows with vents mounted on the roof for GXR and VXR trims. Toyota are known for their strong and fast cooling that is ideal for hot UAE summer days. So nothing to worry about there. The 4.2 inch Optitron speedometer is colorful but old school with needle displays on RPM and Speed. Filler The 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment display is best rated as average. Lacking a volume knob, we also found some of the controls small and harder to locate. Navigation feature is only available in the VXR trim. The infotainment does get the basics right though. The rear camera view is wide and clear. Toyota Fortuner - Rear Camera The sound system is equipped with six speakers and the audio quality is good enough through out the car.

Safety Features:

  • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution
  • Anti-Theft System (Engine Immobilizer)
  • Front and Rear Fog Lamps
  • Rear Center Parking Censors
  • Dual Front AirBags
  • Rear View Camera

Toyota Fortuner 2019 Price in UAE

  • EXR Fortuner 2.7 L – AED 114,900
  • GXR Fortuner 4.0 L – AED 134,900
  • VXR Fortuner 4.0 L – AED 149,900
  • Performance - /10
  • Driving Pleasure - /10
  • Look and Style - /10
  • Fuel Economy - /10
  • Value for Money - /10

Review overview

Driving Pleasure7.4
Looks and Style7.5
Fuel Economy7.1
Value for Money7.5

The Pros

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Quiet Engine

The Cons

  • Basic Infotainment


7.4A valuable option if you are looking for a city SUV with mild off roading.

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