2019 Toyota Avalon: Review, Specs and Price in UAE

The 2019 Toyota Avalon is a complete luxury sedan in all aspects. It checks all the boxes when it comes to power, looks, driving pleasure, fuel efficiency, infotainment and passenger comfort. The new and improved engine is more efficient in delivering better fuel economy than previous years.  It is worth noticing that Avalon runs on regular-grade fuel (special) , not premium (super), as is recommended for other luxury cars. The 2019 is a bit longer and wider than last year’s model. Its wheelbase is also increased by 50-millimeters. The extra length of the car can best be experienced in the back seats making a comfortable leg room . By comparison, the Avalon’s wheelbase is 95 millimeters longer than its close competitor, the Nissan Maxima. Only aspect where it doesn’t really compete with Maxima is the 0-100 kmh of 7.8 secs. Avalon is extremely practical and has the most desirable features and technology. SE+ 3.5L V6 Engine – Price AED 144,900
  • 8 Speed Automatic
  • 13.2 KM / Liter
  • 17-inch Wheels
  • Leather Seats
  • Sun and Moon roof
  • 8 Speakers Sound System
  • 9 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay
  • ABS and 10 Airbags
Limited 3.5L V6 Engine – Price AED 164,900
  • 8 Speed Automatic
  • 13.2 KM / Liter
  • 18-inch Wheels
  • Premium Leather Seats
  • Sun and Moon roof
  • 14 Speakers JBL Premium Audio System
  • 9 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay
  • ABS and 10 Airbags
Toyota has equipped the 2019 Avalon with forward collision warning system that automatically applies emergency brakes. Other safety features include active lane control, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and a rearview camera. Warranty:
  • 5 years / 100,000 Kms
  • Performance - /10
  • Driving Pleasure - /10
  • Look and Style - /10
  • Fuel Economy - /10
  • Value for Money - /10

Review overview

Driving Pleasure7.9
Looks and Style7
Fuel Economy9.1
Value for Money8.6

The Pros

  • Fuel Efficient
  • Smooth Handling
  • Luxurious Cabin and Leg Room
  • Great Price
  • Safety Features

The Cons

  • Exterior could have been better


8Not the most beautiful but a very efficient and luxurious sedan.

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