2019 BMW 330i M Sport: Review, Specs and Price in UAE

BMW 330i 2019

BMW 330i 2019 is every inch the car that will breathe a new life into the popularity of BMW’s mid-size sedans.

In the 40 years that BMW 3 Series vehicles have been in production, they were heavily in demand for most of this time. For years if not decades, rivals Mercedes-Benz and Audi experimented with changing exterior design, improved engine performance and interior comfort. It was only as recent as late 2000s when the balance shifted and BMW slightly fell behind on popularity.

This BMW 330i however, is hard to beat. Showcasing a perfect mix of evolutionary style, unmatched fuel economy, improved driving dynamics and race car performance; not many vehicles in its class would like to take on this challenge.

BMW 330i M Sport has 3 drive modes. I drove almost 50 km daily on each mode for three days.

  • Eco Pro
  • Comfort
  • Sport

Eco Pro as its name suggests gives you unmatched fuel economy with minimal engine noise. 17 kms per liter on the highway to be precise. It does come at the cost of a lackluster acceleration and average handling.

Comfort is the default drive mode and if its your first time driving the BMW 330i, you’d be pretty impressed with it. Mild engine growl, good acceleration, responsive handling and still great fuel economy.

Sport and (if you tap the button twice) Sport + is ideal for your track day. Purring engine sound, super fast acceleration and race track handling. Faster you go, lower and stiffer the car gets. My personal best of a 0 – 100 km was 6.3 seconds. If you a better driver then we are looking at around 5.8 seconds.

Driving this car is about emotion. BMW 330i’s speed-sensitive electronic power steering delivers true road response. You get to feel the road; much like your lover’s pulse when you hold hands on the first date.

New and improved suspension (with adaptable dampers) deserves a mention. Since its a rear wheel drive, you can feel the agility in the back and a strong grip in the front wheels.

BMW 330i Specs:

Engine: 2.0 Liter 4 cylinders twin-scroll single-turbo
Horsepower: 252 Bhp
Torque: 350 Nm
Drive System: Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission:  8 Speed Automatic
Seating Capacity: 5


Getting past its good looks wont be easy.

One of the first to get noticed is the aerodynamically designed hood with sharp lines and contoured surface. Then, its the notably low stance and large kidney grille.

The twin LED Laser headlamps are now non-dazzling with a range of up to 530 meters.

BMW 330i 2019

The 2019 330i is bigger in length (2.6 inches)and wheel base(1.6 inches) than the previous model. Futuristically built using light metals and aluminum wherever possible; it is lighter by 55 kgs and stiffer by 50% according to its product spec sheet.

BMW 330i 2019

The front fascia houses the fog lights and T-shaped air intakes.

BMW 330i 2019

The BMW 330i M Sport sits on 17 inch light-alloy wheels. A new shock absorber technology and an M Sport differential has been introduced for this model.

BMW 330i 2019

BMW 330i 2019

Rear highlights are the twin-pipe exhaust system and the slim L shaped rear lights that have been darkened to add character.


Walking into this car for the first time is like coming home to the nicest surprise birthday party with all your close friends dressed in their best clothes smiling at you. It is picture perfect!

2019 BMW 330i interior

Good workmanship combined with premium materials speaks for itself. The bold leather cognac merino interior is a show stopper.

BMW 330i has comfortable seating and a driver focused cabin that has been designed keeping driving ergonomics in mind.

Improved head up display, a crisp driver display and advanced options on the large main infotainment screen frees the steering wheel from unnecessary buttons. Hold the steering wheel and it feels confident for strong handling and sharp turns.

The infotainment system is wonderful; offering all the standard media connects, parking assists, safety alerts, front and reversing cameras.

You can name the car and simply activate the different drive modes, switch radio channels etc by just saying “Hey {insert name}” I named mine “Screaming Eagle”. Talk about living up to its name 🙂

There is a wealth of information about each trip and driving style being stored in the system. For Eco and Comfort drive modes, the system evaluates the acceleration & brake response, fuel economy and many other details. On the Sport mode, It will show you the real time G force and power being generated by the car. Just don’t look at it while driving.

2019 BMW 330i MSport

Added wheelbase in the car removes earlier model complaints of tighter legroom at the back. Longer drives become more enjoyable for second row occupants.

Special attention has been given to the acoustics of the BMW 330i. The cabin is super quite, even at highway speeds on the Sport mode, you hardly feel any road noise. I’d like to mention the 16 speaker Harman Kardon surround system; its awesome.

Another cool feature is the glass sunroof optional 100mm transparent surface. All for good weather!

Lastly, the boot space. It is pretty alright for a mid-size sedan. You could easily fit in two medium sized suitcases and maybe a gym bag.

2019 BMW 330i price in UAE: AED 250,000

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