Top 5 Toyota Hybrid Cars to consider buying in Ramadan 2021

Hybrid cars in UAE
These days, when you think of electric cars, you probably think of Tesla.  When you think hybrid, Toyota should really be what comes to mind. The Japanese brand have been making some of the most reliant and popular hybrid cars on the market. Toyota, and in particular the Prius, was at one point synonymous with hybrid cars.

Toyota Hybrid Cars

Way back when, the Prius was the most popular hybrid car on the market, with celebrity endorsements bursting out of its sunroof. The biggest draw back to electric vehicles, for the average driver, is the price. The technology dictates the price, and they are packed with the very latest. Another option, however, is a hybrid. Toyota have quite the range and their efficiency is arguably one of the best on the market.

The Corolla

Toyota Hybrid Cars The Corolla Hybrid comes with two options of petrol engine, 1.8 or 2.0 liter. It is a nimble little machine, looks great and is a pleasure to drive. Let down slightly by the limited space inside, it nevertheless fits right into a modern, greener and cleaner world.


Toyota Hybrid Cars If you’re looking for something a little more spacious, the RAV 4, Toyota’s original crossover SUV is also available with a hybrid engine. This is a great looking vehicle, and with a 2.5liter engine that promises 50mpg, meaning it shifts without leaving a RAV 4 shaped dent in your wallet.


Toyota C-HR The C-HR slots conveniently in between the RAV 4 and the Corolla. Not quite an SUV, but not quite a hatchback, the C-HR is comparable to Nissans Qashqai. The 1.8liter engine provides slightly better economy than the RAV 4, although the drive leaves something to be desired.


Toyota Hybrid Cars The good old Camry has got a new trick up its sleeve. A 2.5liter hybrid engine. Slightly larger than the Ford Mondeo, yet a touch shorter than the BMW 3 Series, the Camry forms part of Toyota’s executive range. With a sleek finish both inside and out, the Camry is perfect for the business-man about town.


  The Yaris has been the whisper on everyone grapevine lately. Unfortunately, its down to the rally spec GR that’s been released, not the humble little hybrid we’re honouring. The Yaris is the smallest of the range, so it goes without saying that it’s the most economical. The 1.5liter engine pulls between 65 and 70mpg, but still with a respectable 114bhp. The full selection of hybrids and specs are available from Toyota’s website which can be viewed by clicking here. For more on the difference between electric and hybrid vehicles, check our blog here.  
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